Commit 9e3623e0 authored by Ilkka Ollakka's avatar Ilkka Ollakka
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freetype: don't create/show fontcache dialog if config is upto date

This is still blind fix, don't have windows box to test atm. So don't blame
me when it eats your cat and runs to riviera with your money and gf (and free
to revert in those cases). Don't remember if that check works correctly in
windows side.
parent ff3ddd93
......@@ -352,10 +352,15 @@ static int Create( vlc_object_t *p_this )
goto error;
#ifdef WIN32
dialog_progress_bar_t *p_dialog = dialog_ProgressCreate( p_filter,
dialog_progress_bar_t *p_dialog = NULL;
if( !FcConfigUptoDate( NULL ) )
p_dialog = dialog_ProgressCreate( p_filter,
_("Building font cache"),
_("Please wait while your font cache is rebuilt.\n"
"This should take less than a few minutes."), NULL );
char *path = xmalloc( PATH_MAX + 1 );
/* Fontconfig doesnt seem to know where windows fonts are with
* current contribs. So just tell default windows font directory
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