Commit 9d968bee authored by Pierre d'Herbemont's avatar Pierre d'Herbemont
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Quartz (Mac OS X) subtitle renderer by Bernie Purcell. (Part 2)

parent e0d9a006
...@@ -1200,6 +1200,10 @@ elif test "${SYS}" != "mingwce"; then ...@@ -1200,6 +1200,10 @@ elif test "${SYS}" != "mingwce"; then
else else
VLC_ADD_PLUGINS([win32text]) VLC_ADD_PLUGINS([win32text])
fi fi
if test "${SYS}" = "darwin"; then
VLC_ADD_LDFLAGS([quartztext],[-framework Carbon -framework ApplicationServices])
dnl dnl
dnl Accelerated modules dnl Accelerated modules
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