Commit 9bf0edf1 authored by Clément Stenac's avatar Clément Stenac

Fix a string. Thanks to ShadeHawk on irc for noticing

parent 55107b3f
......@@ -870,7 +870,7 @@ static char *ppsz_clock_descriptions[] =
#define TITLE_NEXT_LONGTEXT N_("Select the key to choose the next title from the DVD")
#define CHAPTER_PREV_TEXT N_("Select prev DVD chapter")
#define CHAPTER_PREV_LONGTEXT N_("Select the key to choose the previous chapter from the DVD")
#define CHAPTER_NEXT_TEXT N_("Select prev DVD chapter")
#define CHAPTER_NEXT_TEXT N_("Select next DVD chapter")
#define CHAPTER_NEXT_LONGTEXT N_("Select the key to choose the next chapter from the DVD")
#define VOL_UP_KEY_TEXT N_("Volume up")
#define VOL_UP_KEY_LONGTEXT N_("Select the key to increase audio volume.")
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