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Updated Netherlands translation of interface.

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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2002-04-19 15:54+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2002-03-19 16:31GMT\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2002-04-20 16:58GMT\n"
"Last-Translator: Jean-Paul Saman <>\n"
"Language-Team: Nederlands <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
......@@ -25,40 +25,44 @@ msgid ""
"Note that the default behaviour is to automatically select the best method "
msgstr ""
"Via deze optie kan de interface die vlc gebruikt geselecteerd worden.\n"
"Noot: Standaard wordt automatisch de beste beschikbare methode gekozen."
#: src/interface/main.c:103
msgid "warning level (or use -v, -vv, etc...)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "waarschuwings niveau (of gebruik -v, -vv, etc...)"
#: src/interface/main.c:105
msgid ""
"Increasing the warning level will allow you to see more debug messages and "
"can sometimes help you to troubleshoot a problem."
msgstr ""
"Het verhogen van het waarschuwings niveau toont meer debug boodschappen en"
"kan soms helpen het probleem op te lossen."
#: src/interface/main.c:108
msgid "output statistics"
msgstr ""
msgstr "statistieken"
#: src/interface/main.c:110
msgid ""
"Enabling the stats mode will flood your log console with various statistics "
msgstr ""
msgstr "De statistiek mode genereert verschillende statistische boodschappen op het scherm. "
#: src/interface/main.c:113
msgid "interface default search path"
msgstr ""
msgstr "interface standaard zoekpad"
#: src/interface/main.c:115
msgid ""
"This option allows you to set the default path that the interface will open "
"when looking for a file."
msgstr ""
msgstr "Stel het standaard zoekpad in waar de interface naar bestanden moet zoeken."
#: src/interface/main.c:118
msgid "audio output method"
msgstr ""
msgstr "audio output methode"
#: src/interface/main.c:120
msgid ""
......@@ -66,16 +70,20 @@ msgid ""
"Note that the default behaviour is to automatically select the best method "
msgstr ""
"Deze optie selecteert de audio output methode, die gebruikt wordt door vlc.\n"
"Noot: Standaard wordt automatisch de best beschikbare methode gekozen."
#: src/interface/main.c:124
msgid "disable audio"
msgstr ""
msgstr "schakel audio uit"
#: src/interface/main.c:126
msgid ""
"This will completely disable the audio output. The audio decoding stage "
"shouldn't even be done, so it can allow you to save some processing power."
msgstr ""
"Schakel alle audio output uit. De audio decoding stap wordt overgeslagen, "
"dit bespaart zelfs wat rekenkracht."
#: src/interface/main.c:130
msgid "mono audio"
......@@ -83,20 +91,19 @@ msgstr ""
#: src/interface/main.c:131
msgid "This will force a mono audio output"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Dit zal mono audio output forceren."
#: src/interface/main.c:133
msgid "audio output volume"
msgstr ""
#: src/interface/main.c:135
msgid ""
"You can set the default audio output volume here, in a range from 0 to 1024."
msgstr ""
msgid "You can set the default audio output volume here, in a range from 0 to 1024."
msgstr "De standaard audio output volume is instellen tussen 0 en 1024."
#: src/interface/main.c:138
msgid "audio output format"
msgstr ""
msgstr "audio output formaat"
#: src/interface/main.c:140
msgid ""
......@@ -111,30 +118,42 @@ msgid ""
"7 -> mpeg2 audio (unsupported)\n"
"8 -> ac3 pass-through"
msgstr ""
"Forceer het audio output formaat hier:\n"
"0 -> 16 bits signed native endian (standaard)\n"
"1 -> 8 bits unsigned\n"
"2 -> 16 bits signed little endian\n"
"3 -> 16 bits signed big endian\n"
"4 -> 8 bits signed\n"
"5 -> 16 bits unsigned little endian\n"
"6 -> 16 bits unsigned big endian\n"
"7 -> mpeg2 audio (unsupported)\n"
"8 -> ac3 pass-through"
#: src/interface/main.c:151
msgid "audio output frequency (Hz)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "audio output frequentie (Hz)"
#: src/interface/main.c:153
msgid ""
"You can force the audio output frequency here.\n"
"Common values are 48000, 44100, 32000, 22050, 16000, 11025, 8000."
msgstr ""
"Forceer de audio output frequentie hier:\n"
"Gebruikelijke waarden zijn: 48000, 44100, 32000, 22050, 16000, 11025, 8000."
#: src/interface/main.c:156
msgid "compensate desynchronization of audio (in ms)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "compenseer audio desynchronisatie (in ms)"
#: src/interface/main.c:158
msgid ""
"This option allows you to delay the audio output. This can be handy if you "
"notice a lag between the video and the audio."
msgstr ""
msgstr "Vertraag de audio output, deze optie is handig als audio en video niet synchroon lopen."
#: src/interface/main.c:161
msgid "video output method"
msgstr ""
msgstr "video output methode"
#: src/interface/main.c:163
msgid ""
......@@ -142,50 +161,61 @@ msgid ""
"Note that the default behaviour is to automatically select the best method "
msgstr ""
"Selecteer de video output methode die vlc gebruikt.\n"
"Noot: Standaard wordt automatisch de best beschikbare "
"methode gekozen."
#: src/interface/main.c:167
msgid "disable video"
msgstr ""
msgstr "schakel video uit"
#: src/interface/main.c:169
msgid ""
"This will completely disable the video output. The video decoding stage "
"shouldn't even be done, so it can allow you to save some processing power."
msgstr ""
"Schakel de video volledig uit. De video decoding stap wordt overgeslagen. "
"Op deze manier kan er op rekenkracht bespaard worden."
#: src/interface/main.c:173
msgid "display identifier"
msgstr ""
msgstr "beeldscherm identificatie"
#: src/interface/main.c:176
msgid "video width"
msgstr ""
msgstr "video breedte"
#: src/interface/main.c:178
msgid ""
"You can enforce the video width here.\n"
"Note that by default vlc will adapt to the video characteristics."
msgstr ""
"Forceer video breedte hier:\n"
"Noot: Standaard probeert vlc zich aan de video karakteristieken aan te passen."
#: src/interface/main.c:181
msgid "video height"
msgstr ""
msgstr "video hoogte"
#: src/interface/main.c:183
msgid ""
"You can enforce the video height here.\n"
"Note that by default vlc will adapt to the video characteristics."
msgstr ""
"Forceer de video hoogte hier:\n"
"Noot: Standaard zal vlc zich aan de video karakteristieken aan passen."
#: src/interface/main.c:186
msgid "grayscale video output"
msgstr ""
msgstr "grijswaarden video output"
#: src/interface/main.c:188
msgid ""
"Using this option, vlc will not decode the color information from the video "
"(this can also allow you to save some processing power)."
msgstr ""
"Het gebruiken van deze optie resulteert in de afwezigheid van kleuren."
"(Dit kan rekenkracht besparen.)"
#: src/interface/main.c:191
#, fuzzy
......@@ -193,183 +223,172 @@ msgid "fullscreen video output"
msgstr "Volledig scherm kleur diepte:"
#: src/interface/main.c:193
msgid ""
"If this option is enabled, vlc will always start a video in fullscreen mode."
msgstr ""
msgid "If this option is enabled, vlc will always start a video in fullscreen mode."
msgstr "Als deze optie gebruikt wordt, dan zal vlc een video altijd op volledige scherm grote afspelen."
#: src/interface/main.c:196
msgid "disable hardware acceleration for the video output"
msgstr ""
msgstr "schakel hardware versnelling voor video output uit."
#: src/interface/main.c:198
msgid ""
"By default vlc will try to take advantage of the overlay capabilities of you "
"graphics card."
msgstr ""
"Standaard probeert vlc snelheids winst te halen uit het gebruik van "
"overlay mogelijkheden van de aanwezige grafische kaart."
#: src/interface/main.c:201
msgid "force SPU position"
msgstr ""
msgstr "forceer SPU positie"
#: src/interface/main.c:204
#, fuzzy
msgid "video filter module"
msgstr "Standaard interface:"
msgstr ""
#: src/interface/main.c:207
#, fuzzy
msgid "server port"
msgstr "Geen server:!"
msgstr "server poort:"
#: src/interface/main.c:210
#, fuzzy
msgid "enable network channel mode"
msgstr "Netwerk Kanaal:"
msgstr "schakel netwerk kanaal mode in"
#: src/interface/main.c:213
#, fuzzy
msgid "channel server address"
msgstr "Kanaal server:"
msgstr "Kanaal server adres:"
#: src/interface/main.c:216
#, fuzzy
msgid "channel server port"
msgstr "Kanaal server:"
msgstr "Kanaal server poort:"
#: src/interface/main.c:219
#, fuzzy
msgid "network interface"
msgstr "_Verstop interface"
msgstr "netwerk interface"
#: src/interface/main.c:222
#, fuzzy
msgid "choose program (SID)"
msgstr "Sluit programma af"
msgstr "selecteer programma (SID)"
#: src/interface/main.c:224
msgid "Choose the program to select by giving its Service ID."
msgstr ""
msgstr "Selecteer een programma door middel van zijn bekende Service ID."
#: src/interface/main.c:226
msgid "choose audio"
msgstr ""
msgstr "selecteer audio"
#: src/interface/main.c:229
#, fuzzy
msgid "choose channel"
msgstr "Kies een hoofdstuk"
msgstr "selecteer een kanaal"
#: src/interface/main.c:232
#, fuzzy
msgid "choose subtitles"
msgstr "Kies een title"
msgstr "selecteer een ondertitel"
#: src/interface/main.c:235
msgid "DVD device"
msgstr ""
msgstr "DVD apparaat"
#: src/interface/main.c:238
msgid "VCD device"
msgstr ""
msgstr "VCD apparaat"
#: src/interface/main.c:241
msgid "satellite transponder frequency"
msgstr ""
msgstr "sateliet transponder frequentie"
#: src/interface/main.c:244
msgid "satellite transponder polarization"
msgstr ""
msgstr "sateliet transponder polarisatie"
#: src/interface/main.c:247
msgid "satellite transponder FEC"
msgstr ""
msgstr "sateliet transponder FEC"
#: src/interface/main.c:250
msgid "satellite transponder symbol rate"
msgstr ""
msgstr "sateliet transponder symbool snelheid"
#: src/interface/main.c:253
msgid "use diseqc with antenna"
msgstr ""
msgstr "gebruik disecq met antenne"
#: src/interface/main.c:256
msgid "antenna lnb_lof1 (kHz)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "antenne lnb_lof1 (kHz)"
#: src/interface/main.c:259
msgid "antenna lnb_lof2 (kHz)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "antenne lnb_lof2 (kHz)"
#: src/interface/main.c:262
msgid "antenna lnb_slof (kHz)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "antenne lnb_slof (kHz)"
#: src/interface/main.c:265
msgid "force IPv6"
msgstr ""
msgstr "forceer IPv6"
#: src/interface/main.c:268
msgid "force IPv4"
msgstr ""
msgstr "forceer IPv4"
#: src/interface/main.c:271
msgid "choose MPEG audio decoder"
msgstr ""
msgstr "selecteer MPEG audio decoder"
#: src/interface/main.c:274
msgid "choose AC3 audio decoder"
msgstr ""
msgstr "selecteer AC3 audio decoder"
#: src/interface/main.c:277
msgid "use additional processors"
msgstr ""
msgstr "gebruik extra processors"
#: src/interface/main.c:280
msgid "force synchro algorithm {I|I+|IP|IP+|IPB}"
msgstr ""
msgstr "forceer synchronisatie algorithme {I|I+|IP|IP+|IPB}"
#: src/interface/main.c:283
msgid "disable CPU's MMX support"
msgstr ""
msgstr "schakel CPU's MMU support uit"
#: src/interface/main.c:286
msgid "disable CPU's 3D Now! support"
msgstr ""
msgstr "schakel CPU's 3D Now! support uit"
#: src/interface/main.c:289
msgid "disable CPU's MMX EXT support"
msgstr ""
msgstr "schakel CPU's MMX EXT support uit"
#: src/interface/main.c:292
msgid "disable CPU's SSE support"
msgstr ""
msgstr "schakel CPU's SSE support uit"
#: src/interface/main.c:295
msgid "disable CPU's AltiVec support"
msgstr ""
msgstr "schakel CPU's AltiVec support uit"
#: src/interface/main.c:298
#, fuzzy
msgid "launch playlist on startup"
msgstr "Lanceer bij opstarten"
msgstr "lanceer speellijst bij opstarten"
#: src/interface/main.c:301
#, fuzzy
msgid "enqueue playlist as default"
msgstr "Standaard in wachtrij plaatsen"
msgstr "standaard in wachtrij plaatsen"
#: src/interface/main.c:304
#, fuzzy
msgid "loop playlist on end"
msgstr "Begin voor aan na einde speellijst"
msgstr "begin voor aan na einde speellijst"
#: src/interface/main.c:307
msgid "memory copy method"
msgstr ""
msgstr "geheugen kopieer methode"
#: src/interface/main.c:310
msgid "fast pthread on NT/2K/XP (developpers only)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "snelle pthread op NT/2K/XP (alleen ontwikkelaars)"
#: src/interface/main.c:312
msgid ""
......@@ -377,24 +396,24 @@ msgid ""
"can also use this faster implementation but you might experience problems "
"with it."
msgstr ""
"Op Windows NT/2K/XP gebruiken we een trage maar stabiele pthread implementatie. "
"Het is mogelijk de snellere implementatie te gebruiken, echter deze is nog experimenteel."
"Het is dus mogelijk dat er problemen optreden met deze snellere implementatie."
#. Interface options
#: src/interface/main.c:334
#, fuzzy
msgid "Interface"
msgstr "Optie _Interface"
msgstr ""
#. Audio options
#: src/interface/main.c:341
#, fuzzy
msgid "Audio"
msgstr "_Audio"
msgstr ""
#. Video options
#: src/interface/main.c:352
#, fuzzy
msgid "Video"
msgstr "_Kijk"
msgstr ""
#. Input options
#: src/interface/main.c:364
......@@ -424,44 +443,43 @@ msgstr "Speellijst"
#: plugins/mga/xmga.c:111 plugins/mpeg_vdec/video_parser.c:80
#: plugins/x11/x11.c:55 plugins/x11/xvideo.c:60 src/interface/main.c:419
msgid "Miscellaneous"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Overige"
#: src/interface/main.c:429
#, fuzzy
msgid "main program"
msgstr "Sluit programma af"
msgstr "hoofd programma"
#: src/interface/main.c:442
msgid "print help (or use -h)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "print help (of gebruik -h)"
#: src/interface/main.c:444
msgid "print detailed help (or use -H)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "print gedetailleerde help (of gebruik -H)"
#: src/interface/main.c:446
msgid "print a list of available plugins (or use -l)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "print een lijst van beschikbare plugins (of gebruik -l)"
#: src/interface/main.c:448
msgid "print help on plugin (or use -p)"
msgstr ""
msgstr "print help over plugin (of gebruik -p)"
#: src/interface/main.c:450
msgid "print version information"
msgstr ""
msgstr "print versie informatie"
#. Usage
#: src/interface/main.c:614 src/interface/main.c:1038
#, c-format
msgid "Usage: %s [options] [parameters] [file]...\n"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Gebruik: %s [opties] [parameters] [file] ...\n"
#. print module name
#: src/interface/main.c:939
#, c-format
msgid "%s module options:\n"
msgstr ""
msgstr "%s module opties:\n"
#: src/interface/main.c:959 src/interface/main.c:963
msgid " <string>"
......@@ -486,6 +504,18 @@ msgid ""
" vlc:pause \tpause execution of playlist items\n"
" vlc:quit \tquit VLC"
msgstr ""
"Speellijst items:\n"
" *.mpg, *.vob \tgewone MPEG-1/2 bestanden\n"
" [dvd:][apparaat[@raw_device][@[titel][,[hoofdstuk][,hoek]]]\n"
" \tDVD apparaat\n"
" [vcd:][apparaat][@[titel][,[hoofdstuk]]\n"
" \tVCD apparaat\n"
" udpstream:[@[<bind adres>][:<bind poort>]]\n"
" \tUDP stream verzonde daar VLS\n"
" vlc:loop \tspeel de speellijst in een loop\n"
" vlc:pause \tpauzeer speellijst items\n"
" vlc:quit \tstop VLC"
#: src/interface/main.c:1015 src/interface/main.c:1064
#: src/interface/main.c:1088
......@@ -493,10 +523,12 @@ msgid ""
"Press the RETURN key to continue..."
msgstr ""
"Druk op RETURN om verder te gaan..."
#: src/interface/main.c:1041
msgid "[plugin] [description]"
msgstr ""
msgstr "[plugin] [beschrijving]"
#: src/interface/main.c:1082
msgid ""
......@@ -505,6 +537,10 @@ msgid ""
"see the file named COPYING for details.\n"
"Written by the VideoLAN team at Ecole Centrale, Paris."
msgstr ""
"Dit programma wordt verspreid ZONDER ENIG GARANTIE, tot zover door de wet is toegestaan.\n"
"Het programma mag verspreid worden onder verplichtingen van de GNU General Public License;\n"
"zie het bestand COPYING voor details.\n"
"Geschreven door het VideoLAN team at Ecole Centrale, Paris."
#: src/misc/configuration.c:612
msgid "<boolean>"
......@@ -529,11 +565,11 @@ msgstr ""
#: plugins/ac3_adec/ac3_adec.c:79
msgid "AC3 downmix method"
msgstr ""
msgstr "AC3 downmix methode"
#: plugins/ac3_adec/ac3_adec.c:81
msgid "AC3 IMDCT method"
msgstr ""
msgstr "AC3 IMDCT methode"
#: plugins/ac3_adec/ac3_adec.c:85
msgid "software AC3 decoder"
......@@ -545,7 +581,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: plugins/access/file.c:60
msgid "Standard filesystem file reading"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Standaard filesysteem bestand lezen"
#: plugins/access/http.c:65
msgid "HTTP access plug-in"
......@@ -569,32 +605,31 @@ msgstr ""
#: plugins/chroma/i420_rgb.c:64
msgid "I420,IYUV,YV12 to RGB,RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversions"
msgstr ""
msgstr "I420,IYUV,YV12 to RGB,RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversies"
#: plugins/chroma/i420_rgb.c:68
msgid "MMX I420,IYUV,YV12 to RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversions"
msgstr ""
msgstr "MMX I420,IYUV,YV12 to RV15,RV16,RV24,RV32 conversies"
#: plugins/chroma/i420_ymga.c:57 plugins/chroma/i420_yuy2.c:71
#: plugins/chroma/i422_yuy2.c:70
msgid "conversions from "
msgstr ""
msgstr "conversies van"
#: plugins/chroma/i420_ymga.c:57 plugins/chroma/i420_ymga.c:60
#: plugins/chroma/i420_yuy2.c:71 plugins/chroma/i420_yuy2.c:74
#: plugins/chroma/i422_yuy2.c:70 plugins/chroma/i422_yuy2.c:73
#, fuzzy
msgid " to "
msgstr "Spring naar:"
msgstr " naar"
#: plugins/chroma/i420_ymga.c:60 plugins/chroma/i420_yuy2.c:74
#: plugins/chroma/i422_yuy2.c:73
msgid "MMX conversions from "
msgstr ""
msgstr "MMX conversies van "
#: plugins/directx/directx.c:50
msgid "DirectX extension module"
msgstr ""
msgstr "DirectX extensie module"
#: plugins/downmix/downmix.c:47
msgid "AC3 downmix module"
......@@ -610,7 +645,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: plugins/dsp/dsp.c:43
msgid "OSS dsp device"
msgstr ""
msgstr "OSS dsp apparaat"
#: plugins/dsp/dsp.c:47
msgid "Linux OSS /dev/dsp module"
......@@ -618,27 +653,27 @@ msgstr ""
#: plugins/dummy/dummy.c:49
msgid "dummy functions module"
msgstr ""
msgstr "dummy functie module"
#: plugins/dummy/null.c:52
msgid "the Null module that does nothing"
msgstr ""
msgstr "de Null module die niks doet"
#: plugins/dvd/dvd.c:66
msgid "[dvd:][device][@raw_device][@[title][,[chapter][,angle]]]"
msgstr ""
msgstr "[dvd:][device][@raw_device][@[titel][,[hoofdstuk][,hoek]]]"
#: plugins/dvd/dvd.c:72
msgid "DVD input module, uses libdvdcss if present"
msgstr ""
msgstr "DVD input module, gebrukt libdvdcss indien aanwezig"
#: plugins/dvd/dvd.c:75
msgid "DVD input module, uses libdvdcss"
msgstr ""
msgstr "DVD input module, gebruikt libdvdcss"
#: plugins/dvdread/dvdread.c:42
msgid "[dvdread:][device][@[title][,[chapter][,angle]]]"
msgstr ""
msgstr "[dvdread:][device][@[titel][,[hoofdstuk][,hoek]]]"
#: plugins/dvdread/dvdread.c:46
msgid "DVDRead input module"
......@@ -649,35 +684,32 @@ msgid "EsounD audio module"
msgstr ""
#: plugins/fb/fb.c:73
#, fuzzy
msgid "framebuffer device"
msgstr "Standaard apparaat:"
msgstr ""
#: plugins/fb/fb.c:77
msgid "Linux console framebuffer module"