Commit 9aba558d authored by Ilkka Ollakka's avatar Ilkka Ollakka
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qt4: little fix for sout-http muxing check

First priority is file-extension user gives, if that isn't
specified, use mux-value and if that's not valid (eg mp4), fallback
to flv-muxing.
parent b46a8cb9
......@@ -186,12 +186,16 @@ QString HTTPDestBox::getMRL( const QString& mux )
SoutMrl m;
m.begin( "http" );
/* http-output can't do mp4-mux, so don't accept it,
if we don't get usable mux, fallback to flv */
if( !mux.isEmpty() &&"mp4") )
m.option( "mux", mux );
else if ( !path.contains(QRegExp("\\..{2,3}$") ) )
m.option( "mux", "ffmpeg{mux=flv}" );
/* Path-extension is primary muxer to use if possible,
otherwise check for mux-choise and see that it isn't mp4
then fallback to flv*/
if ( !path.contains(QRegExp("\\..{2,3}$") ) )
if( !mux.isEmpty() &&"mp4") )
m.option( "mux", mux );
m.option( "mux", "ffmpeg{mux=flv}" );
m.option( "dst", dst );
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