Commit 9aac6ab4 authored by Erwan Tulou's avatar Erwan Tulou

qt4(Win32): fix fullscreen issue on Windows

On Windows, fullscreen was displayed with a frame and title.
Passing the newflags when reparenting works out the problem.
patch tested successfully on Linux and WinXP. other Win flavors to be tested
parent cbb409e5
......@@ -212,9 +212,8 @@ void VideoWidget::SetFullScreen( bool b_fs )
QRect screenres = QApplication::desktop()->screenGeometry( numscreen );
reparentable->setParent( NULL );
reparentable->setParent( NULL, newflags );
reparentable->setWindowState( newstate );
reparentable->setWindowFlags( newflags );
/* To be sure window is on proper-screen in xinerama */
if( !screenres.contains( reparentable->pos() ) )
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