Commit 9a3e5785 authored by Jean-Paul Saman's avatar Jean-Paul Saman
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Remove stray character after testing for enable-libgcrypt and enable_gnutls.

parent cfd1271f
......@@ -5560,7 +5560,7 @@ dnl libgcrypt
[ --enable-libgcrypt libgcrypts support (default enabled)])
if test "${enable_libgcrypt}" != "no" -a "${enable_gnutls}" != "no"i
if test "${enable_libgcrypt}" != "no" -a "${enable_gnutls}" != "no"
dnl Workaround for cross-compiling since AM_PATH_LIBGRYPT doesn't dectect
dnl it and looks for libgcrypt headers in the wrong place.
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