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Merge 1.1.5 NEWS into 1.2.0

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......@@ -77,6 +77,54 @@ libVLC:
** libvlc_media_player_navigate for DVD navigation
Changes between and 1.1.5:
* Fix a Windows crash on accessing Network Shared files/drives,
* Support for RTP access for H264 streams by specifying the demux in the MRL
Services Discovery:
* Integration in the playlist, of a list of web shows, provided by
* Game Music Emu (GME) plugin rewritten, using the proper C API
* DVDnav and DVDread fixes for encoding and misc issues
* Playback of live http .Webm streams
* Taglib thread-safety fix
* Fix decoding of H264 using DxVA2 using Intel IGP, thanks to the donation from
"Puget Systems"
* Add an icon to VLC on Linux
Video Output:
* fix a bug that could lead to 100% CPU usage on XCB
* fix for Qt bug where VLC didn't exit properly on some Windows XP configuration
* fixes on luatelnet and luarc
Miscellaneous crashes and fixes in various plugins (telnet, live555, theora and
TS-mux, Qt)
* add libvlc_media_new_fd() to play directly file descriptors (not Win32/Win64)
* Miscellaneous fixes
* Update translations for Walloon, Lithuanian, Spanish, Turkish, Estonian, Dutch,
Bengali, German, Polish, Brazillian Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Galician,
French and Ukrainian
* Major update and activation on Windows of Modern Greek
* New Asturian translation
Changes between 1.1.4 and
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