Commit 99e9feca authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

vout: ios: remove useless var creation

parent 0dadecba
......@@ -235,8 +235,6 @@ static void Close (vlc_object_t *this)
vout_display_sys_t *sys = vd->sys;
@autoreleasepool {
var_Destroy (vd, "drawable-nsobject");
if (sys->gl != NULL) {
struct gl_sys *glsys = sys->gl->sys;
msg_Dbg(this, "deleting display");
......@@ -449,7 +447,7 @@ static void GLESSwap(vlc_gl_t *gl)
@try {
/* get the object we will draw into */
UIView *viewContainer = var_CreateGetAddress (_voutDisplay, "drawable-nsobject");
UIView *viewContainer = var_InheritAddress (_voutDisplay, "drawable-nsobject");
if (unlikely(viewContainer == nil)) {
msg_Err(_voutDisplay, "provided view container is nil");
return NO;
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