Commit 96752870 authored by Pierre d'Herbemont's avatar Pierre d'Herbemont

input: Output a debug message at input creation/destruction.

parent ab915f99
......@@ -138,6 +138,9 @@ static input_thread_t *Create( vlc_object_t *p_parent, input_item_t *p_item,
char * psz_name = input_item_GetName( p_item );
snprintf( psz_timer_name, sizeof(psz_timer_name),
"input launching for '%s'", psz_name );
msg_Dbg( p_input, "Creating an input for '%s'", psz_name);
free( psz_name );
/* Start a timer to mesure how long it takes
......@@ -311,6 +314,12 @@ static void Destructor( input_thread_t * p_input )
input_thread_private_t *priv = p_input->p;
#ifndef NDEBUG
char * psz_name = input_item_GetName( p_input->p->input.p_item );
msg_Dbg( p_input, "Destroying the input for '%s'", psz_name);
free( psz_name );
vlc_event_manager_fini( &p_input->p->event_manager );
stats_TimerDump( p_input, STATS_TIMER_INPUT_LAUNCHING );
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