Commit 961fae15 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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RTP out: fix warning

parent 4fd5cd50
......@@ -1551,7 +1551,7 @@ static int64_t rtp_init_ts( const vod_media_t *p_media,
uint64_t i_ts_init;
/* As per RFC 2326, session identifiers are at least 8 bytes long */
strncpy((char *)&i_ts_init, psz_vod_session, sizeof(uint64_t));
i_ts_init ^= (uint64_t) p_media;
i_ts_init ^= (uintptr_t)p_media;
/* Limit the timestamp to 48 bytes, this is enough and allows us
* to stay away from overflows */
i_ts_init &= 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF;
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