Commit 95a7c9ac authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

configure: fix skins2 detection

parent 74248abe
......@@ -3750,7 +3750,7 @@ AS_IF([test "${enable_skins2}" != "no"], [
], [
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([XPM], [xpm],, [have_skins_deps="no"])
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([XINERAMA], [xinerama],, [have_skins_deps="no"])
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([XCURSOR], [xcursor],, [have_skins_x11_deps="no"])
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([XCURSOR], [xcursor],, [have_skins_deps="no"])
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([XEXT], [xext],, [have_skins_deps="no"])
......@@ -3765,7 +3765,7 @@ AS_IF([test "${enable_skins2}" != "no"], [
AS_IF([test "x${enable_skins2}" = "x"], [
AC_MSG_WARN([Skins2 interface disabled due to missing dependencies.])
], [
AC_MSG_ERROR([Skins2 interface requires FreeType, libxpm, libxext and libxinerama])
AC_MSG_ERROR([Skins2 interface requires FreeType, libxcursor, libxpm, libxext and libxinerama])
], [
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