Commit 92f80df4 authored by Uwe L. Korn's avatar Uwe L. Korn Committed by Rémi Denis-Courmont

Qt: First search host_bins directory for executables

This fixes the situation where both Qt4 and Qt5 are installed but the
global moc/rcc/uic commands are provided by Qt4 and Qt5's versions are
not globally installed. VLC previously picked up Qt4's moc/.. version
but built against Qt5.
Signed-off-by: Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatarRémi Denis-Courmont <>
parent 29a6c1e1
...@@ -3721,9 +3721,10 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(qt, [ ...@@ -3721,9 +3721,10 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(qt, [
AS_IF([test "${enable_qt}" != "no"], [ AS_IF([test "${enable_qt}" != "no"], [
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([QT], [Qt5Core >= 5.1.0 Qt5Widgets Qt5Gui], [ PKG_CHECK_MODULES([QT], [Qt5Core >= 5.1.0 Qt5Widgets Qt5Gui], [
QT_PATH="$(eval $PKG_CONFIG --variable=exec_prefix Qt5Core)" QT_PATH="$(eval $PKG_CONFIG --variable=exec_prefix Qt5Core)"
AC_PATH_PROGS(MOC, [moc-qt5 moc], moc, [${QT_PATH}/bin ${CONTRIB_DIR}/bin]) QT_HOST_PATH="$(eval $PKG_CONFIG --variable=host_bins Qt5Core)"
AC_PATH_PROG(RCC, [rcc-qt5 rcc], rcc, [${QT_PATH}/bin ${CONTRIB_DIR}/bin]) AC_PATH_PROGS(MOC, [moc-qt5 moc], moc, [${QT_HOST_PATH} ${QT_PATH}/bin ${CONTRIB_DIR}/bin])
AC_PATH_PROGS(UIC, [uic-qt5 uic], uic, [${QT_PATH}/bin ${CONTRIB_DIR}/bin]) AC_PATH_PROG(RCC, [rcc-qt5 rcc], rcc, [${QT_HOST_PATH} ${QT_PATH}/bin ${CONTRIB_DIR}/bin])
AC_PATH_PROGS(UIC, [uic-qt5 uic], uic, [${QT_HOST_PATH} ${QT_PATH}/bin ${CONTRIB_DIR}/bin])
], [ ], [
PKG_CHECK_MODULES([QT], [QtCore QtGui >= 4.6.0],, [ PKG_CHECK_MODULES([QT], [QtCore QtGui >= 4.6.0],, [
AS_IF([test -n "${enable_qt}"],[ AS_IF([test -n "${enable_qt}"],[
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