Commit 92cb05eb authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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* Add multicast source filter (RFC4570),

  so that one day we may be able to use IGMPv3/MLDv2 with VLC streams,
* Add recvonly attribute
* Really fix ordering (c= then t= then a=)
* Put type attribute as a session attribute (as per RFC4566)
parent 038f61db
......@@ -618,16 +618,19 @@ static char *SDPGenerate( sap_handler_t *p_sap,
"o=- "I64Fd" %d IN IP%c %s\r\n"
"c=IN IP%c %s/%d\r\n"
"t=0 0\r\n"
"a=source-filter: incl IN IP%c * %s\r\n"
"m=video %d %s %d\r\n"
i_sdp_id, i_sdp_version,
ipv, p_addr->psz_machine,
psz_name, ipv, psz_uri,
/* FIXME: 1 is IPv4 default TTL, not that of IPv6 */
p_session->i_ttl ?: (config_GetInt( p_sap, "ttl" ) ?: 1),
ipv, psz_uri,
p_session->b_rtp ? "RTP/AVP" : "udp",
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