Commit 9066dd9c authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

A bit of fortunes :)

parent dd35ada4
......@@ -993,3 +993,13 @@ reactor leaks ionizing radiations."
< courmisch> residence registration needs work contract
-- #videolan, or why OSS is worse than Government administrations
< j-b> funman patch rejected; /me is afraid
< TypX> well funman isn't really a good coder anyway
* j-b slaps TypX
< TypX> oh yes
< TypX> again
* funman craps TypX
< TypX> I don't hate you
< funman> that might be the most beautiful thing i was ever told <3
-- #videolan, BDSM and Litote
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