Commit 8f13d557 authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

win32: package: Don't use cd before copying/packaging

This fixes windows packaging following 99ad3da5
parent 071bd956
......@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@ package-win-sdk:
mkdir -p "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/lib/"
cp -r $(prefix)/include "$(win32_destdir)/sdk"
cp -r $(prefix)/lib/pkgconfig "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/lib"
cd $(prefix)/lib && cp -rv libvlc.dll.a "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/lib/libvlc.lib"
cd $(prefix)/lib && cp -rv libvlccore.dll.a "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/lib/libvlccore.lib"
cp -rv $(prefix)/lib/libvlc.dll.a "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/lib/libvlc.lib"
cp -rv $(prefix)/lib/libvlccore.dll.a "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/lib/libvlccore.lib"
$(DLLTOOL) -D libvlc.dll -l "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/lib/libvlc.lib" -d "$(top_builddir)/lib/.libs/libvlc.dll.def"
echo "INPUT(libvlc.lib)" > "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/lib/vlc.lib"
$(DLLTOOL) -D libvlccore.dll -l "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/lib/libvlccore.lib" -d "$(top_builddir)/src/.libs/libvlccore.dll.def"
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ package-win-common: package-win-install package-win-sdk
cp $(srcdir)/share/icons/vlc.ico $(win32_destdir)
mkdir -p "$(win32_destdir)"/plugins
(cd $(prefix)/lib/vlc/plugins/ && find . -type f \( -not -name '*.la' -and -not -name '*.a' \) -exec cp -v --parents "{}" "$(win32_destdir)/plugins/" \;)
find $(prefix)/lib/vlc/plugins/ -type f \( -not -name '*.la' -and -not -name '*.a' \) -exec cp -v --parents "{}" "$(win32_destdir)/plugins/" \;
-cp -r $(prefix)/share/locale $(win32_destdir)
......@@ -78,11 +78,11 @@ package-win-npapi: build-npapi
cp "$(top_builddir)/npapi-vlc/installed/lib/axvlc.dll" "$(win32_destdir)/"
cp "$(top_builddir)/npapi-vlc/installed/lib/npvlc.dll" "$(win32_destdir)/"
mkdir -p "$(win32_destdir)/sdk/activex/"
cd $(top_builddir)/npapi-vlc && cp activex/README.TXT share/test/test.html $(win32_destdir)/sdk/activex/
cp $(top_builddir)/npapi-vlc/activex/README.TXT $(top_builddir)/npapi-vlc/share/test/test.html $(win32_destdir)/sdk/activex/
package-win-strip: package-win-common package-win-npapi
mkdir -p "$(win32_debugdir)"/
cd $(win32_destdir); find . -type f \( -name '*$(LIBEXT)' -or -name '*$(EXEEXT)' \) | while read i; \
find $(win32_destdir) -type f \( -name '*$(LIBEXT)' -or -name '*$(EXEEXT)' \) | while read i; \
do if test -n "$$i" ; then \
$(OBJCOPY) --only-keep-debug "$$i" "$(win32_debugdir)/`basename $$i.dbg`"; \
$(OBJCOPY) --strip-all "$$i" ; \
......@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ package-win32-webplugin-common: package-win-strip
package-win32-xpi: package-win32-webplugin-common
cp $(top_builddir)/npapi-vlc/npapi/package/install.rdf "$(win32_xpi_destdir)/"
cd $(win32_xpi_destdir) && zip -r -9 "../$(WINVERSION).xpi" install.rdf plugins
zip -r -9 "../$(WINVERSION).xpi" $(win32_xpi_destdir)/install.rdf $(win32_xpi_destdir)/plugins
package-win32-crx: package-win32-webplugin-common
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