Commit 8f0345ff authored by Laurent Aimar's avatar Laurent Aimar
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Recognize VC1 for ASF muxing in record.

parent 59a904c1
......@@ -283,7 +283,8 @@ static const muxer_properties_t p_muxers[] = {
M( "asf", "asf", 127, VLC_FOURCC('w','m','a','1'), VLC_FOURCC('w','m','a','2'), VLC_FOURCC('w','m','a',' '),
VLC_FOURCC('w','m','a','p'), VLC_FOURCC('w','m','a','l'),
VLC_FOURCC('W','M','V','1'), VLC_FOURCC('W','M','V','2'), VLC_FOURCC('W','M','V','3') ),
VLC_FOURCC('W','M','V','1'), VLC_FOURCC('W','M','V','2'), VLC_FOURCC('W','M','V','3'),
M( "mp4", "mp4", INT_MAX, VLC_FOURCC('m','p','4','a'), VLC_FOURCC('h','2','6','4'), VLC_FOURCC('m','p','4','v'),
VLC_FOURCC('s','u','b','t') ),
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