Commit 8c722f37 authored by Jean-Paul Saman's avatar Jean-Paul Saman
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Added Rob Casey to THANKS file.

parent 0ee3f461
......@@ -108,6 +108,7 @@ Pierre Marc Dumuid <pierre.dumuid at adelaide dot edu dot au> - Playlist patches
Régis Duchesne <regis at> - original VLC code
Remco Poortinga <poortinga at> - IPv6 multicast patch
Rene Gollent <rgollent at> - BeOS interface fix
Rob Casey (rob dot casey AT swishgroup dot com dot au) - Amino RTSP fix
Roine Gustafsson <roine at> - spudec bug fixes
Rudolf Cornelissen <rag.cornelissen at> - BeOS fixes
Scott Caudle <dorkmanzcot at gmail dot com> - Visualization, WX
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