Commit 8bb2d53a authored by Rafaël Carré's avatar Rafaël Carré
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EsOutDecodersStopBuffering: remove assert

The master program clock does not necessarily have a reference
A different program PCR can be issued first, and the assertion
would be triggered since c3bd897e
parent 7809109c
......@@ -603,11 +603,9 @@ static void EsOutDecodersStopBuffering( es_out_t *out, bool b_forced )
mtime_t i_system_start;
mtime_t i_stream_duration;
mtime_t i_system_duration;
i_ret = input_clock_GetState( p_sys->p_pgrm->p_clock,
if (input_clock_GetState( p_sys->p_pgrm->p_clock,
&i_stream_start, &i_system_start,
&i_stream_duration, &i_system_duration );
assert( !i_ret || b_forced );
if( i_ret )
&i_stream_duration, &i_system_duration ))
mtime_t i_preroll_duration = 0;
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