Commit 89e87d9b authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne another attempt to fix hdiutil attach

parent c02dda13
......@@ -999,7 +999,7 @@ package-macosx:
# finder mounted dmg with the same name.
echo "Make sure the root window of the dmg will pop up when the dmg is mounted" ;
mkdir -p $(top_builddir)/vlcmnt ;
hdiutil attach -kernel -readwrite -noverify -noautoopen "$(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}.dmg" -mountpoint "$(top_builddir)/vlcmnt/vlc-${VERSION}" ;
hdiutil attach -nokernel -readwrite -noverify -noautoopen -private "$(top_builddir)/vlc-${VERSION}.dmg" -mountpoint "$(top_builddir)/vlcmnt/vlc-${VERSION}" ;
bless --folder "$(top_builddir)/vlcmnt/vlc-${VERSION}/" --openfolder "$(top_builddir)/vlcmnt/vlc-${VERSION}" ;
sleep 1 # Make sure operation completes
cd "$(srcdir)"
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