Commit 87d12b49 authored by Olivier Teulière's avatar Olivier Teulière

* share/skins2/skin.dtd: Video.autoresize defaults to true

 * doc/skins/skins2-howto.xml: Added documentation for this attribute
parent 5955ea30
......@@ -647,6 +647,11 @@ difficulty to understand how VLC skins work.</para>
<para>Initial height of the control, in pixels.<!--XXX: cannot be deduced?--></para>
<para>Default value: 0</para>
<sect4 id="videoautoresize">
<para>Indicate whether the layout should be automatically resized to fit the dimensions of the played video.</para>
<para>Default value: true</para>
<sect3 id="Playlist">
......@@ -260,6 +260,6 @@
height CDATA "0"
lefttop CDATA "lefttop"
rightbottom CDATA "lefttop"
autoresize CDATA "false"
autoresize CDATA "true"
help CDATA ""
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