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Updated documentation

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......@@ -2,15 +2,20 @@ bug #09/11/2001-1: (FIXED 20/11/2001, by JP Saman) and Makefile.opts static libmad.a library is not filled in automatically by configure.
It should say in Makefile.opts LIB_MAD=lib/libmad.a
bug #09/11/2001-2:
libmad/mad.h is not created automatically. Fix compile step and dependencies for mad_adec to automatically
configure and or build libmad when not build yet. This means integration of scripts.
bug #09/11/2001-2: (FIXED december 2001)
Libmad is not included in the vlc source code. It is assumed that the library is already available on the machine
where the plugin is compiled on. The configure option --with-libmad tells the script where libmad.a or library
and mad.h include file are installed. E.g. if libmad.a is in /usr/lib and mad.h is in /usr/include then the configure
option should be --with-libmad=/usr
bug #12/11/2001-1 (WORKING, by JP Saman)
smoothen out audio in libmad_output callback function, by optimizing conversion routines. After investigation
and experimenting I found out that my input routine and output routine were not balanced correctly with
respect to buffer sizes. A lot of data got lost. I fixed that, but still need a bater scaling/smoothing routine
for the audio.
I tried a simpler audio scale function, but it did not improve the audio much. Not even on Intel machine, so I suspect the audio
decoding to need a bit too much time. The next thing to try is to steer the decoding process by hand (going to a lower level API).
This means a complete replace of mad_libmad.c and mad_libmad.h files.
bug #20/11/2001-1 (FIXED 25/11/2001, by JP Saman)
synchronization between audio and video output is lost. In libmad_output a timestamp is set on the audio data, but
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