Commit 8382cbe1 authored by Ilkka Ollakka's avatar Ilkka Ollakka

playlist: add check if item is allready preparsed before adding it to queue

Also remove setting item here as preparsed, as if it has meta, that should
have been done allready somewhere else. Preparsing is controlled by
auto-preparse -variable (no idea where it can be changed), and should work ok.
parent b86f8d76
......@@ -717,16 +717,16 @@ static void GoAndPreparse( playlist_t *p_playlist, int i_mode,
pl_priv(p_playlist)->request.i_status = PLAYLIST_RUNNING;
vlc_cond_signal( &pl_priv(p_playlist)->signal );
/* Preparse if not enough meta */
/* Preparse if no artist/album info, and hasn't been preparsed allready
and if user has some preparsing option (auto-preparse variable)
char *psz_artist = input_item_GetArtist( p_item->p_input );
char *psz_album = input_item_GetAlbum( p_item->p_input );
if( pl_priv(p_playlist)->b_auto_preparse &&
input_item_IsPreparsed( p_item->p_input ) == false &&
( EMPTY_STR( psz_artist ) || ( EMPTY_STR( psz_album ) ) )
playlist_PreparseEnqueue( p_playlist, p_item->p_input, pl_Locked );
/* If we already have it, signal it */
else if( !EMPTY_STR( psz_artist ) && !EMPTY_STR( psz_album ) )
input_item_SetPreparsed( p_item->p_input, true );
free( psz_artist );
free( psz_album );
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