Commit 81255853 authored by Rocky Bernstein's avatar Rocky Bernstein
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Initialize track_end variable.

parent 291bbb38
......@@ -342,6 +342,8 @@ vcdplayer_set_origin(access_t *p_access, lsn_t i_lsn, track_t i_track,
p_vcdplayer->i_track = i_track;
p_vcdplayer->track_lsn = vcdinfo_get_track_lsn(p_vcdplayer->vcd,
p_vcdplayer->track_end_lsn = p_vcdplayer->track_lsn +
vcdinfo_get_track_sect_count(p_vcdplayer->vcd, i_track);
"lsn %u, end LSN: %u item.num %d, item.type %d",
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