Commit 7ee198c4 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Partial support for COMEDIA in SAP announcer

parent 7da44adb
......@@ -624,11 +624,18 @@ static char *SDPGenerate( sap_handler_t *p_sap,
sfilter = NULL;
int res = asprintf (&psz_sdp, "%s" "%s" "%s"
const char *comedia = NULL;
if (!strncasecmp (p_session->sdpformat, "DCCP", 4)
|| !strncasecmp (p_session->sdpformat, "TCP", 3))
comedia = "a=setup:passive\r\n"
int res = asprintf (&psz_sdp, "%s" "%s" "%s" "%s"
"m=video %d %s\r\n",
plgroup ?: "",
sfilter ?: "",
comedia ?: "",
net_GetPort ((const struct sockaddr *)&p_session->addr),
free (plgroup);
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