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INSTALL file for the Windows XP/Vista/Seven version of VLC media player
Running VLC
If you are using a binary release from or if you have already built
VLC (see below), just run 'vlc.exe'.
You can also run VLC from a dos command box, in which case you'll be able
to use the command line arguments. You can obtain a list of these command
line arguments by typing 'vlc --help' or 'vlc --help --advanced'.
To store a debug log of the current VLC session, you can use
'vlc -vvv --extraintf=logger'. You will end-up with a vlc-log.txt file in
your current directory.
Additional documentation is available at and
Building VLC from the source code
If you want to build VLC from sources, you can do it in several ways:
- On GNU/Linux, using the mingw32 cross-compiler.
This is the preferred method, as this is the one used by VideoLAN to
build the official Windows binaries.
- natively on Windows, using MSYS+MINGW (
(MSYS is a minimal build environment to compile Unixish projects under
windows. It provides all the common Unix tools like sh, gmake...)
- natively on Windows, using cygwin ( with or without the
POSIX emulation layer.
Read to have a complete HOWTO
Getting the right compiler tools
- cross-compiling with mingw32:
You first need to download a GNU/Linux cross-compiler version of mingw32.
For Debian GNU/Linux users, you can use the gcc-mingw32, mingw32-binutils and
mingw32-runtime packages.
For Fedora users, you can use mingw-binutils, mingw-gcc-core, mingw-gcc-g++
For MingW and Cygwin, please refer to our Wiki:
Getting the additional libraries
VLC depends on many other libraries to provide some features like most of the codecs.
Usually, you don't want to compile those by yourself, so use pre-compiled ones.
* We also provide a package with all the libraries already compiled so it is
actually really easy to compile a full-featured version of vlc (these compiled
libraries will only work with mingw or cygwin):
(Check out for more recent versions at the same location).
All you need to do is extract it in your root directory (the include files
and libraries will be put in /usr/win32). You can do this with the following
tar xjvf contrib-20110614-win32-bin-gcc-4.4.4-runtime-3.15.2-only.tar.bz2 -C /
Please note the "-C /".
* An automated way of building the contrib libraries is provided in
extra/contrib. It will download, configure and build the libraries.
See the extras/contrib/README for more info.
Configuring the build
Once you've got all the files you need in place, you need to configure the
build with the `./configure' script.
I'll assume that you are using the pre-compiled 3rd party libraries we are
providing and that they are in /usr/win32.
If you are cross-compiling from Debian, you can use this:
sh extras/package/win32/
If you are compiling with MSYS/MINGW, then you can use this:
sh extras/package/win32/
If you are using cygwin, you should build VLC without the POSIX emulation layer.
Use this:
sh extras/package/win32/
See `./configure --help' for more information.
Actually Compiling the VLC source
Once configured, to build VLC, just run `make'.
Once the compilation is done, you can either run VLC directly from the source
tree or you can build self-contained VLC packages with the following
'make' rules:
make package-win-base
will create a subdirectory named vlc-x.x.x with all the binaries
'stripped' (ie. without any debugging symbols).
make package-win32-zip
Same as above but will package the directory in a zip file.
make package-win32
Same as above but will also create an auto-installer package. You will need
to have NSIS installed in its default location for this to work.
Well done, now you're ready to use VLC!
......@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@ SUBDIRS += test
INSTALL.win32 \
extras/package/win32/vlc.exe.manifest \
extras/package/win32/libvlc.dll.manifest \
extras/package/macosx/README.MacOSX.rtf \
......@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ COPYING - The GPL license.
ChangeLog - The VLC ChangeLog.
HACKING - Hacking VLC.
INSTALL - Installation instructions.
INSTALL.win32 - Installation instructions for the Win32 version of VLC.
NEWS - Important modifications between the releases.
README - This file.
THANKS - All VLC contributors.
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