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lua: add xml binding to the README.

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......@@ -425,3 +425,14 @@ volume.set( level ): Set volume to an absolute level between 0 and 1024.
volume.up( [n] ): Increment volume by n steps of 32. n defaults to 1.
volume.down( [n] ): Decrement volume by n steps of 32. n defaults to 1.
xml = vlc.xml(): Create an xml object.
reader = xml:create_reader( stream ): create an xml reader that use the given stream.
reader:read(): read some data
reader:node_type(): return the type of the curret node: 'none', 'startelem', 'endelem' or 'text'.
reader:name(): name of the element
reader:value(): value of the element
reader:next_attr(): next attribute of the element
The simplexml module can also be used to parse XML documents easily.
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