Commit 79e4d6d7 authored by Prince Gupta's avatar Prince Gupta Committed by Pierre Lamot

qml: show bgHover color when row has focus in KeyNavigableTableView

parent 2a67d1fc
......@@ -152,12 +152,13 @@ NavigableFocusScope {
delegate:Rectangle {
id: lineView
width: view.width
height: root.rowHeight
color: VLCStyle.colors.getBgColor(selected, hoverArea.containsMouse, lineView.activeFocus)
property var rowModel: model
property bool selected: selectionModel.isSelected(root.model.index(index, 0))
readonly property bool highlighted: selected || hoverArea.containsMouse || activeFocus
width: view.width
height: root.rowHeight
color: highlighted ? VLCStyle.colors.bgHover : "transparent"
Connections {
target: selectionModel
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