Commit 78e3a1d6 authored by Clément Stenac's avatar Clément Stenac

* Updated german and french translations

* Updated version number and Changelog
parent 05f98788
2003-12-27 Saturday 01:49 rocky
2004-01-01 Thursday 15:56 rocky
Scale bitmaps for 4:3 output
RenderRV16 handles scaling. But seems to slow to render subtitles.
2003-12-26 Friday 02:47 rocky
2004-01-01 Thursday 14:33 zorglub
Keep in synch with rest of source. Should also have no effect on upcoming release
Updated brazilian portuguese translation
2003-12-26 Friday 01:39 rocky
2004-01-01 Thursday 13:54 rocky
Check in a stable copy for reference against future changes. Should
not affect or be seen in upcoming release.
Remove a magic number.
2003-12-24 Wednesday 12:38 gbazin
2004-01-01 Thursday 13:51 rocky
* src/libvlc.h: on win9x --win9x-cv-method=0 was problematic (eg. vlc could get stuck during video startup) so --win9x-cv-method=1 is now the default.
2003-12-24 Wednesday 10:06 gbazin
* src/libvlc.c: small fixes to Usage().
2003-12-24 Wednesday 09:46 gbazin
* include/vlc_block.h: added a temporary i_rate field to block_t.
* modules/codec/libmpeg2.c: synchro uses p_block->i_rate again.
* src/input/*: do not decode audio when i_rate != DEFAULT_RATE.
2003-12-23 Tuesday 17:10 gbazin
* modules/video_output/directx/events.c: warning message into debug message.
2003-12-23 Tuesday 15:27 gbazin
* modules/video_output/directx/events.c: fixed mouse coordinates for dvd navigation which got broken when we switched to using a child window for the video.
2003-12-23 Tuesday 02:11 gbazin
* modules/video_output/directx/*: fixed strange race condition.
2003-12-23 Tuesday 00:23 hartman
* Fixed and updated for a 00.7 'Bond' release.
2003-12-22 Monday 23:46 hartman
* Fix a leak in goom module that caused all the pictures of a vout to be
unavailable after several songs.
2003-12-22 Monday 22:37 hartman
* stream_Size reports the size of a stream, not stream_Tell
This fixes the ID3 detection of ID3v1.
2003-12-22 Monday 17:44 gbazin
* modules/access/dshow/dshow.cpp: fixed previous fix.
2003-12-22 Monday 17:08 bigben
back to config_PutInt when using the fullscreen button on the interface. This allows to remember the fullscreen setting when changing playlist item
2003-12-22 Monday 16:42 gbazin
* modules/access/dshow/dshow.cpp: small fix for devices list.
2003-12-22 Monday 16:40 gbazin
* modules/codec/libmpeg2.c: compiles with the latest libmpeg2 cvs.
2003-12-22 Monday 15:42 gbazin
* modules/gui/wxwindows/*: use our new wxL2U() macro where needed.
2003-12-22 Monday 14:45 hartman
* Fix the 'currently playing' field in the OSX intf.
2003-12-22 Monday 14:32 sam
* Coding style cleanup: removed tabs and trailing spaces.
2003-12-22 Monday 14:31 gbazin
* modules/gui/wxwindows/*: don't forget to convert the filename/author fields in the playlist to the encoding in use by the wxWindows interface.
2003-12-22 Monday 14:23 sam
* src/misc/iso-639_def.h modules/demux/util/id3genres.h modules/gui/kde:
+ Added missing copyright information.
+ Added GPL header.
* src/misc/iso-639_def.h:
+ Removed useless (and unprotected) macros.
2003-12-22 Monday 11:14 titer
beos/Video*: fixed cursor hiding (int32_t != int32 bla bla bla)
2003-12-22 Monday 11:08 titer
beos/*: fixed Alt+X shortcuts (BeOS doesn't let those hit BWindow::KeyDown
because it's reserved for system shorcuts - added a workaround)
2003-12-22 Monday 02:24 sam
* toolbox:
+ Added to the list of Glade2 generated files.
+ Remove strings such as "http://" or "/dev/video0" from the list of
translated strings in the PDA interface.
* Fixed grammar, spelling, a few pathetic inconsistencies, removed trailing
whitespaces and tabulations here and there.
2003-12-22 Monday 00:26 sam
* modules/demux/asf/asf.c: Fixed a buffer overflow.
2003-12-22 Monday 00:13 sam
* modules/access/vcdx/access.c: Fixed an obvious buffer overflow. This
code is still unsafe, bounds need to be checked after each sprintf/strcat
2003-12-22 Monday 00:06 titer
+ beos/PreferencesWindow.cpp: esthetic change (use triangle thumb style
for sliders)
2003-12-21 Sunday 23:32 sam
* Fixed URLs here and there.
2003-12-21 Sunday 21:30 titer
+ Cleaned a bit the way the prefs are created
+ Added missing CONFIG_ITEM_KEY implementation
2003-12-20 Saturday 22:57 babal
* libvlc.h input.c headphone.c:
fix support of audio channel mixers, like the headphone channel mixer
for instance, which was broken since the introduction of user audio
filters; if specified by the user and compatible with the audio
pipeline, we add the channel mixer after the user filters.
-> unfortunately, this fix removed two strings and introduced 4 new
-> TODO: allow the user to choose only amongst channel mixers, not
all available audio filters
* vlc.exe.manifest install-win32 :
add a manifest file to allow the win32 gui to use Windows XP visual
styles when available.
2003-12-20 Saturday 16:22 gbazin
* modules/demux/mp4/mp4.c: fixed problem with buggy files that don't set the audio sample rate properly.
2003-12-20 Saturday 16:11 gbazin
* modules/codec/araw.c: added "mlaw" as a fourcc for ulaw audio.
2003-12-20 Saturday 15:25 rocky
Remove unused variable. Artifact of old track/entry handling.
2003-12-20 Saturday 11:56 rocky
Grammar correction.
2003-12-20 Saturday 11:55 rocky
Spelling correction.
2003-12-18 Thursday 16:29 hartman
* Fix broken http intf in macosx package.
2003-12-18 Thursday 12:35 rocky
Go over for spelling and acurracy.
2003-12-17 Wednesday 23:21 hartman
* Commented out the option 'goom' for the visualizer. It isn't working in
this system yet and will not work before release. The visualizer system
needs to be cleaned in 0.7.1 with one 'visual' audio filter which loads
one or more 'visualization' true modules.
2003-12-17 Wednesday 23:09 hartman
* second round of dutch translation update for 0.7.0-test2
2003-12-17 Wednesday 21:29 hartman
* Updated portuguese brazilian update
2003-12-17 Wednesday 11:42 hartman
* First run of dutch translations.
2003-12-17 Wednesday 08:53 titer
* cleaned up package-beos
* share/vlc_beos.rsrc: new icon based on Stephane's cone
2003-12-16 Tuesday 23:01 massiot
Contrib build system :
* Jumped to ogg-1.1
* Reverted to ffmpeg-0.4.8
2003-12-16 Tuesday 22:14 gbazin
* modules/access/cdda/access.c: need to include errno.h
2003-12-16 Tuesday 22:10 gbazin
* modules/video_output/directx/events.c: the coordinates used to blit the video must be relative to the current primary surface (current display).
2003-12-16 Tuesday 21:56 geshp
Just a release number update in the spec file. (It won't break anything I promise)
2003-12-16 Tuesday 19:02 gbazin
* modules/gui/wxwindows/open.cpp: compilation fix.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 18:18 gbazin
* modules/gui/skins/src/themeloader.cpp: the tar loader now checks the magic value in the tar header.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 16:51 gbazin
* modules/codec/araw.c: small fix.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 13:35 gbazin
* modules/gui/wxwindows/open.cpp: compilation fix.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 13:22 gbazin
* modules/gui/wxwindows/interface.cpp: better heuristic for the interface size on win32.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 12:54 gbazin
* modules/misc/dummy/input.c: fixed the vlc:quit command.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 12:38 gbazin
* modules/codec/ffmpeg/ffmpeg.c, modules/demux/ogg.c: theora decoding support via ffmpeg (currently slower than libtheora).
2003-12-16 Tuesday 09:14 courmisch
Added field for RTSP in Network Stream open tab
2003-12-16 Tuesday 03:21 rocky
Remember the disc selection type (DVD, VCD, CD-DA) selected in "Open
Disc" and use that as the default for next time.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 00:36 gbazin
* doc/ added intf-cdda.txt to EXTRA_DIST.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 00:01 gbazin
* ALL: preparing for 0.7.0-test2.
2003-12-15 Monday 23:31 gbazin
* modules/demux/ogg.c: a couple of fixes for flac streaming.
2003-12-15 Monday 22:55 gbazin
* modules/packetizer/mpeg4audio.c: fixed raw mpeg4 audio packetizer.
* modules/demux/mp4/libmp4.c: fixed (again) parsing of wave tag.
2003-12-15 Monday 22:04 gbazin
* modules/gui/skins/src/skin_main.cpp: bail out if we can't open an X11 display.
2003-12-15 Monday 21:54 gbazin
* modules/codec/vorbis.c: added 5.1 channel configuration to the decoder.
2003-12-15 Monday 21:35 gbazin
* modules/audio_output/directx.c: don't set the default audio output to mono even if the windows settings are set to mono.
Too many people just don't know how to set the windows speakers configuration setting properly.
2003-12-15 Monday 21:07 jpsaman
Fixing QT/Embedded header detection.
2003-12-15 Monday 20:21 gbazin
* modules/video_output/directx/directx.c: debug message.
2003-12-15 Monday 20:20 gbazin
* modules/gui/wxwindows/open.cpp: compilation fix.
2003-12-15 Monday 19:55 gbazin
* share/http/admin/dboxfiles.html: html page used by the dbox.
2003-12-15 Monday 19:26 bigben
Forgot this
2003-12-15 Monday 19:25 bigben
Fix for the fullscreen button state (it is only enabled if a vout is present)
2003-12-15 Monday 15:38 hartman
* fix the skip 10 seconds buttons availability.
2003-12-15 Monday 15:06 hartman
* Fix the problem with OpenDVD crash.
2003-12-15 Monday 14:25 hartman
* don't search the playlist when there is nothing in it. We will crash.
2003-12-15 Monday 14:05 hartman
* compile before you commit
2003-12-15 Monday 13:38 hartman
* added bookmark 9 and 10 but set their combo to KEY_UNSET
2003-12-15 Monday 13:10 zorglub
Do not add http:// to MRL if the URI given in the HTTP field already contains it (Fixes bug #1510)
2003-12-15 Monday 01:11 yoann
For OSX:
* added hotkeys Fn and COMMAND+Fn, whith 2 <= n <= 8
* bookmark9 and 10 are not added since F9 and F10 are reserved keys
2003-12-15 Monday 00:47 gbazin
* modules/access/dshow/*: fixed a problem when we would sometimes get stuck trying to stop the dshow graph.
2003-12-14 Sunday 23:40 rocky
signed/unsigned mismatch fix.
2003-12-14 Sunday 23:14 hartman
* Clarify the error when utf8 is set and the sub is actually not utf8.
2003-12-14 Sunday 22:49 gbazin
* modules/gui/wxwindows/*: added raw encapsulation to the streamout dialog.
* modules/mux/dummy.c: added "raw" shortcut.
2003-12-14 Sunday 21:03 gbazin
* modules/gui/wxwindows/*: Added the video scale option to the streamout dialog box.
Added a nasty hack to reset LC_NUMERIC to "C" because the stream output MRL parsing can't deal with "," in floating point numbers.
* modules/codec/ffmpeg/encoder.c: sanity checks.
* modules/stream_out/transcode.c: sanity checks.
2003-12-14 Sunday 19:18 gbazin
* modules/codec/subsdec.c: default encoding is DEFAULT_NAME not UTF8.
2003-12-14 Sunday 18:44 gbazin
* modules/mux/ogg.c: added support for WMV1/2 and MJPG.
2003-12-14 Sunday 17:58 gbazin
* modules/stream_out/duplicate.c: removed unused variable.
2003-12-14 Sunday 17:56 gbazin
* modules/stream_out/duplicate.c: don't forget to loop through the linked list of sout buffers when sending the data.
2003-12-14 Sunday 16:26 titer
beos_specific.cpp: never let anyone but system_End terminate the
BApplication (fixes crash for people who like scripting
with BMessages)
2003-12-14 Sunday 16:08 titer
BeOS & gcc 2.9x fixes
2003-12-14 Sunday 15:42 gbazin
* modules/gui/wxwindows/interface.cpp: volume control has a fixed width of 20 pixels.
Fixed sizer problem on win32 with wxWin cvs.
2003-12-13 Saturday 20:13 rocky
More Open Disc range customizing/narrowing and some code cleanup.
2003-12-13 Saturday 17:46 asmax
* src/playlist/sort.c: set "intf-change" after sorting the playlist
2003-12-13 Saturday 17:16 gbazin
* src/playlist/*: when deleting the currently playing item, skip it instead of stopping the playlist.
* include/modules_inner.h, include/configuration.h: don't use a static array anymore during the initialization of the plugins, malloc it instead. This fixes regular overflow problems we have when we increase the number of options in the main module.
2003-12-13 Saturday 15:28 rocky
2003-12-13 Saturday 14:01 gbazin
* modules/video_output/directx/directx.c: compilation fix.
2003-12-13 Saturday 12:56 rocky
Add customizable playlist "author" field and set in the playlist.
2003-12-13 Saturday 12:56 rocky
If not in PBC, playlist fills in all entries.
Fill in playlist info. Customizable "title" and "author" field.
Still need to pick out and duration field.
A couple of segfaults fixed.
2003-12-13 Saturday 11:56 gbazin
* ALL: bumped version number to 0.7.0-test2
2003-12-13 Saturday 11:22 gbazin
* NEWS: updated.
2003-12-13 Saturday 00:55 rocky
Range changes for Title/Track. Hopefully gtk_interface.c changes have
been properly reflected back in now.
2003-12-13 Saturday 00:53 rocky
A better fix for missing options when the satellite plugin is not
2003-12-13 Saturday 00:45 rocky
Add text field variables for changeable text fields.
2003-12-13 Saturday 00:45 rocky
Disable Disc "Chapter" button when not appropriate - i.e. CD-DA or
VCD. Customize "Title" field (e.g. CD-DA "Track" or VCD "Entry").
2003-12-13 Saturday 00:00 rocky
Some minor code cleanups. Non-existent satellite options #ifdef'd out.
2003-12-12 Friday 23:15 gbazin
* modules/codec/faad.c: proper channels re-ordering for multi-channels audio.
2003-12-12 Friday 23:03 yoann
* added hotkeys F1, F2, ..., F10 to switch between predefined medias
(using CTRL+Fn)
* only F1 and COMMAND+F1 are defined for OSX (I let those developpers
chose their keys)
* Currently the medias assigned to Fn are not saved in vlcrc if they
have been assigned with Ctrl+Fn. But they are, if assigned via the
preferences panel.
2003-12-12 Friday 22:46 rocky
Compilation fix in conditional code.
2003-12-12 Friday 22:41 rocky
Disable Chapter button for CD-DA.
2003-12-12 Friday 18:54 gbazin
* modules/gui/gtk/*: fixed gtk/ and re-run ./toolbox --update-glade.
2003-12-12 Friday 18:34 gbazin
* modules/gui/gtk/open.c: compilation fix.
2003-12-12 Friday 15:37 zorglub
* Fix segfault when we have two announces with the same URI but different names on the network
2003-12-12 Friday 03:06 rocky
Add CDDA and make MRLs regular. Routine Eject is same as that in gtk
and should be put in a more core location.
2003-12-12 Friday 03:01 rocky
Make MRL's more regular across GUIs fix plugin names, and add CD-DA to list.
2003-12-11 Thursday 23:12 gbazin
* modules/video_output/directx/*: first try at multimonitor support (untested).
* src/video_output/video_output.c: small change to allow the directx plugin to destroy/recreate picture buffers on the fly.
2003-12-11 Thursday 20:40 zorglub
2003-12-11 Thursday 20:21 bigben
fix a typo
2003-12-11 Thursday 20:08 zorglub
* Do not keep adding items when they have already been added. This allows removal of SAP items
2003-12-11 Thursday 19:34 hartman
* Fix the state of the playlist and fullscreen button.
2003-12-11 Thursday 16:00 hartman
* New icon for the playlist
* Fixed the mute hotkey
* Fixed the positioning of some elements and removed the stupid black box
* Added speex and flac encoders to sout dialog
2003-12-11 Thursday 14:58 hartman
* fix new hotkeys for osx.
2003-12-11 Thursday 13:21 rocky
Let folks know that the no device string means to scan for one if
cddax and vcdx.
2003-12-11 Thursday 13:20 rocky
Long device text no longer used.
2003-12-11 Thursday 12:56 rocky
Switch over to using "cd-audio" and "vcd" configuration variables.
2003-12-11 Thursday 12:52 rocky
VCD or CD "title" 0 means adds entire contents (or possibly PBC for VCD).
2003-12-11 Thursday 11:30 zorglub
* Fix segfault when creating a group twice without checking return value
2003-12-11 Thursday 10:44 gbazin
* src/misc/mtime.c: actually tested and fixed my latest changes ;)
2003-12-11 Thursday 09:02 sam
* doc/vlc.1: Fixed a minor typo (Debian bug #223605).
2003-12-11 Thursday 05:49 rocky
Remove building OGT.
2003-12-11 Thursday 05:31 rocky
Guard against dereferencing a NULL pointer.
2003-12-11 Thursday 05:30 rocky
Use cd-audio variable not vcd variable.
2003-12-11 Thursday 05:28 rocky
Set compilation flags so that code (e.g. frontends) can test presence
or absense of vcdx/cddax.
2003-12-11 Thursday 05:27 rocky
Improve MRL creation.
1. MRL's are of the form xxx://
2. Customize depending on vcdx/vcd or cddax/cdd
3. cdda doesn't have any such notion of a "Chapter", so remove
the misleading :x.
For cddax/vcdx, I'm not sure though I think there is more to do.
2003-12-11 Thursday 05:12 rocky
More general help tab name: "Media" covers DVD, (S)VCD, *or* CD-DA.
2003-12-11 Thursday 02:26 asmax
* solved race conditions issues when the OpenSkin dialog is
opened in blocking mode
2003-12-11 Thursday 01:36 yoann
added a 'mute' hotkey ('m')
2003-12-10 Wednesday 23:51 gbazin
* modules/stream_out/display.c: fixed segfault when switching audio/video track.
2003-12-10 Wednesday 23:27 gbazin
* modules/codec/libmpeg2.c: hack for demuxers which only have DTS timestamps.
2003-12-10 Wednesday 23:16 gbazin
* modules/mux/mpeg/pes.c: fixed to handle 0 pts/dts correctly.
2003-12-10 Wednesday 21:54 courmisch
Added "Force IPv6" check box to UDP Unicast in open dialog
2003-12-10 Wednesday 20:56 yoann
fixed a compilation error
2003-12-10 Wednesday 17:19 yoann
added a hotkey ('t') which displays the position in the media
2003-12-10 Wednesday 12:57 bigben
fixes a infinite loop in the search function.
2003-12-10 Wednesday 11:04 courmisch
Automatically adds [ and ] around IPv6 addresses in Media Resource Locator.
2003-12-09 Tuesday 19:18 gbazin
* src/misc/mtime.c: fixed an overflow in mdate() on win32.
This overflow was only affecting the hardware configurations where we can't use the performance counter and thus have to use GetTickCount().
We now also check for the wrapping of the 32 bits value returned by GetTickCount() so mdate() doesn't wrap after 49.7 days.
* src/misc/win32_specific.c: call mdate() once in system_Init() so as to avoid thread safety issues while initialising the static variables used in mdate().
2003-12-09 Tuesday 19:15 yoann
* fixed a compatibility problem with the CVS version of wxwindows
* added a lock when changing p_vout->p_last_osd_message
2003-12-09 Tuesday 14:33 sam
* toolbox: Do not include MOC files in the generation.
2003-12-09 Tuesday 00:46 yoann
This fixes bugs 1285 and 1343
* added a the default CD Audio device in General Settings -> Input
* added OpenDialog::OnDiscPanelChange in wxwindows/open.cpp
2003-12-08 Monday 19:50 gbazin
* ALL: new main --video-on-top config option (in use by the x11/xvideo/osx/directx video outputs.)
* modules/video_output/x11/*: implemented support for "video on top". Will likely only work with KDE for now.
2003-12-08 Monday 18:42 gbazin
* modules/misc/dummy/*: new --dummy-save-es option to specify if we want the dummy
decoder to save the raw codec data to a file. This is disabled by default (while
it was always on before).
* src/input/es_out.c: bug fix for ES autoselection.
2003-12-08 Monday 17:48 yoann
improves OSD sytem
The last OSD message is now deleted before printing new one.
2003-12-08 Monday 13:04 gbazin
* modules/control/hotkeys.c: msvc compilation fix.
2003-12-08 Monday 13:02 gbazin
* modules/stream_out/transcode.c: added a floating point "scale" option for video transcoding. When specified, you don't need to specify the width and height of the output video.
Also changed the width and height options so that if only one of them is specified, the other one is calculated automatically so as to keep the aspect ratio of the video.
* modules/mux/ogg.c: fixed crash when removing streams.
* modules/codec/theora.c: for now the theora encoder requires a width and height which are multiple of 16.
2003-12-08 Monday 11:00 hartman
* Update Brazilian Portugese