Commit 780d9bdb authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem
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opengl: dump shaders with msg_Dbg

parent 96d50656
......@@ -733,7 +733,7 @@ opengl_fragment_shader_init_impl(opengl_tex_converter_t *tc, GLenum tex_target,
tc->vt->ShaderSource(fragment_shader, 1, (const char **)&ms.ptr, &length);
if (tc->b_dump_shaders)
fprintf(stderr, "\n=== Fragment shader for fourcc: %4.4s, colorspace: %d ===\n%s\n",
msg_Dbg(tc->gl, "\n=== Fragment shader for fourcc: %4.4s, colorspace: %d ===\n%s\n",
(const char *)&chroma, yuv_space, ms.ptr);
......@@ -399,7 +399,7 @@ static GLuint BuildVertexShader(const opengl_tex_converter_t *tc,
GLuint shader = tc->vt->CreateShader(GL_VERTEX_SHADER);
tc->vt->ShaderSource(shader, 1, (const char **) &code, NULL);
if (tc->b_dump_shaders)
fprintf(stderr, "\n=== Vertex shader for fourcc: %4.4s ===\n%s\n",
msg_Dbg(tc->gl, "\n=== Vertex shader for fourcc: %4.4s ===\n%s\n",
(const char *)&tc->fmt.i_chroma, code);
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