Commit 77205605 authored by Christophe Mutricy's avatar Christophe Mutricy

Also extract the translations of libqt4

parent 702b20b0
......@@ -1522,22 +1522,24 @@ qt-win-opensource-$(QT4T_VERSION)-mingw.exe:
Qt: qt-win-opensource-$(QT4T_VERSION)-mingw.exe
mkdir Qt
7z -oQt x qt-win-opensource-$(QT4T_VERSION)-mingw.exe \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /bin \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /lib \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /include/QtCore \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /include/QtGui \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /src/gui \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /src/corelib
7z -oQt x qt-win-opensource-$(QT4T_VERSION)-mingw.exe \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /bin \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /lib \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /include/QtCore \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /include/QtGui \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /src/gui \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /src/corelib \$$OUTDIR/bin\ /translations
mv Qt/\$$OUTDIR/bin\ /* Qt/ && rmdir Qt/\$$OUTDIR/bin\ Qt/\$$OUTDIR
find Qt -name '* ' -exec sh -c "mv \"{}\" `echo {}`" \;
find Qt/src -name '*.cpp' -exec rm {} \;
find Qt/translations -type f -a ! -name 'qt_*.qm' -exec rm {} \;
find Qt/include -name '*.h' -exec sh -c "mv {} {}.tmp; sed 's,..\/..\/src,..\/src,' {}.tmp > {}; rm -f {}.tmp" \;
mkdir Qt/lib/pkgconfig
sed -e s,@@VERSION@@,$(QT4T_VERSION), -e s,@@PREFIX@@,$(PREFIX), Patches/ > Qt/lib/pkgconfig/QtCore.pc
sed -e s,@@VERSION@@,$(QT4T_VERSION), -e s,@@PREFIX@@,$(PREFIX), Patches/ > Qt/lib/pkgconfig/QtGui.pc
.Qt: Qt
mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/bin $(PREFIX)/include/qt4/src $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig
mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/bin $(PREFIX)/include/qt4/src $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig $(PREFIX)/share/qt4/translations
cp Qt/bin/moc.exe Qt/bin/rcc.exe Qt/bin/uic.exe $(PREFIX)/bin
cp -r Qt/include/QtCore Qt/include/QtGui $(PREFIX)/include/qt4
cp -r Qt/src/corelib Qt/src/gui $(PREFIX)/include/qt4/src
cp Qt/lib/libQtCore4.a Qt/lib/libQtGui4.a $(PREFIX)/lib
cp -r Qt/lib/pkgconfig/* $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig
cp Qt/lib/pkgconfig/* $(PREFIX)/lib/pkgconfig
cp Qt/translations/* $(PREFIX)/share/qt4/translations
touch $@
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