Commit 7625fc4b authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

vlc_readdir: drop support for threaded access to a single DIR

This simplifies the code and avoids the controversial readdir_r()
function. None of the vlc_readdir() or vlc_loaddir() code paths shared
the directory handle with another thread anyway.
parent ed9993ea
......@@ -142,7 +142,8 @@ DIR *vlc_opendir (const char *dirname)
* Reads the next file name from an open directory.
* @param dir The directory that is being read
* @param dir directory handle as returned by vlc_opendir()
* (must not be used by another thread concurrently)
* @return a UTF-8 string of the directory entry. Use free() to release it.
* If there are no more entries in the directory, NULL is returned.
......@@ -150,29 +151,8 @@ DIR *vlc_opendir (const char *dirname)
char *vlc_readdir( DIR *dir )
/* Beware that readdir_r() assumes <buf> is large enough to hold the result
* dirent including the file name. A buffer overflow could occur otherwise.
* In particular, pathconf() and _POSIX_NAME_MAX cannot be used here. */
struct dirent *ent;
char *path = NULL;
long len = fpathconf (dirfd (dir), _PC_NAME_MAX);
/* POSIX says there shall be room for NAME_MAX bytes at all times */
if (len == -1 || len < NAME_MAX)
len = NAME_MAX;
len += sizeof (*ent) + 1 - sizeof (ent->d_name);
struct dirent *buf = malloc (len);
if (unlikely(buf == NULL))
return NULL;
int val = readdir_r (dir, buf, &ent);
if (val != 0)
errno = val;
else if (ent != NULL)
path = strdup (ent->d_name);
free (buf);
return path;
struct dirent *ent = readdir (dir);
return (ent != NULL) ? strdup (ent->d_name) : NULL;
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