Commit 74c723fb authored by François Cartegnie's avatar François Cartegnie 🤞

es_out: ask for decoder drain on es_out_Del

because when the es deletion is triggered by
demuxer and not on EOF, it enters a dead loop
waiting for input_DecoderIsEmpty (p_owner->drained).
non set p_owner->draining can't trigger p_owner->drained.
parent 52363f80
......@@ -2114,6 +2114,7 @@ static void EsOutDel( es_out_t *out, es_out_id_t *es )
{ /* FIXME: This might hold the ES output caller (i.e. the demux), and
* the corresponding thread (typically the input thread), for a little
* bit too long if the ES is deleted in the middle of a stream. */
input_DecoderDrain( es->p_dec );
while( !input_Stopped(p_sys->p_input) && !p_sys->b_buffering )
if( input_DecoderIsEmpty( es->p_dec ) &&
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