Commit 743272ef authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf

Small rewording of preferences categories

And removal of old strings
parent 2190e566
......@@ -74,12 +74,10 @@
#define VIDEO_GENERAL_HELP N_( "General video settings" )
#define _VOUT_TITLE N_("Output modules" )
#define VOUT_HELP N_( \
"Choose your preferred video output and configure it here." )
#define VOUT_HELP N_("General settings for video output modules.")
#define VFILTER_TITLE N_("Filters" )
#define VFILTER_HELP N_( \
"Video filters are used to process the video stream." )
#define VFILTER_HELP N_("Video filters are used to process the video stream." )
#define SUBPIC_TITLE N_( "Subtitles / OSD")
#define SUBPIC_HELP N_( "Settings related to On-Screen-Display,"\
......@@ -182,32 +180,6 @@
#define MISC_TITLE N_( "Advanced settings" )
/* OLD */
#if 0
#define NETWORK_TITLE N_( "Network" )
#define NETWORK_HELP N_( "These modules provide network functions to all " \
"other parts of VLC." )
#define PACKETIZER_HELP "These are general settings for the "\
"packetizers used in VLC's stream output subsystem."
#define ENCODER_HELP N_( \
"These are general settings for video/audio/subtitle encoding modules.")
#define DIALOGS_HELP N_( \
"Dialog providers can be configured here.")
"In this section you can force the behavior of the subtitle demuxer, " \
"for example by setting the subtitle type or file name.")
* A little help for modules with unknown capabilities
/* This function is deprecated and is kept only for compatibility */
static const struct config_category_t categories_array[] =
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