Commit 741b9ebf authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

upnp: Always specify ContainerID instead of ObjectID

Additionnaly, ensure we pass "0" instead of an empty string for the root
parent ac99cee9
......@@ -936,11 +936,11 @@ IXML_Document* MediaServer::_browseAction( const char* psz_object_id_,
return NULL;
i_res = UpnpAddToAction( &p_action, "Browse",
CONTENT_DIRECTORY_SERVICE_TYPE, "ObjectID", psz_object_id_ );
CONTENT_DIRECTORY_SERVICE_TYPE, "ContainerID", psz_object_id_ ? psz_object_id_ : "0" );
if ( i_res != UPNP_E_SUCCESS )
msg_Dbg( access_, "AddToAction 'ObjectID' failed: %s",
msg_Dbg( access_, "AddToAction 'ContainerID' failed: %s",
UpnpGetErrorMessage( i_res ) );
goto browseActionCleanup;
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