Commit 732fd113 authored by Victorien Le Couviour--Tuffet's avatar Victorien Le Couviour--Tuffet Committed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf

macosx: don't save video filters options to config

We only save them in current video profile
Signed-off-by: Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatarJean-Baptiste Kempf <>
parent a4c86f1c
......@@ -820,25 +820,13 @@ static int BossCallback(vlc_object_t *p_this, const char *psz_var,
i_type &= VLC_VAR_CLASS;
if (i_type == VLC_VAR_BOOL)
var_SetBool(p_playlist, psz_property, value.b_bool);
config_PutInt(p_intf, psz_property, (int64_t)value.b_bool);
else if (i_type == VLC_VAR_INTEGER)
var_SetInteger(p_playlist, psz_property, value.i_int);
config_PutInt(p_intf, psz_property, value.i_int);
else if (i_type == VLC_VAR_FLOAT)
config_PutFloat(p_intf, psz_property, value.f_float);
var_SetFloat(p_playlist, psz_property, value.f_float);
else if (i_type == VLC_VAR_STRING)
config_PutPsz(p_intf, psz_property, EnsureUTF8(value.psz_string));
var_SetString(p_playlist, psz_property, EnsureUTF8(value.psz_string));
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