Commit 71202fda authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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Ship the Win32 SDK - closes #1676

parent 03eee1cb
......@@ -837,6 +837,16 @@ if BUILD_OSDMENU
mkdir -p "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)/sdk.tmp"
mkdir -p "$(top_builddir)/vlc-$(VERSION)/sdk"
d=$$(pwd) && \
cd src && \
make install DESTDIR="$$d/vlc-$(VERSION)/sdk.tmp"
cd vlc-$(VERSION) && mv sdk.tmp/$(prefix)/* sdk/
find vlc-$(VERSION)/sdk.tmp -type d | sort -r | xargs rmdir
rm -Rf vlc-$(VERSION)/sdk/bin
package-win-common-strip: package-win32-base-debug
$(STRIP) "vlc-$(VERSION)/vlc$(EXEEXT)"
$(STRIP) "vlc-$(VERSION)/libvlccore$(LIBEXT)"
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