Commit 708eb8cb authored by Laurent Aimar's avatar Laurent Aimar
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* disabled by default. (It's a nice security hole for those)

parent 5594cdbc
......@@ -17,8 +17,9 @@
<th align="left" bgcolor="#cccccc">Size</th>
<th align="left" bgcolor="#cccccc">Date</th>
<p>This page is disabled (Change _directory_ into directory to enable it but you should think about security)</p>
<vlc id="rpn" param1="'dir' url_extract" />
<vlc id="foreach" param1="file" param2="directory" />
<vlc id="foreach" param1="file" param2="_directory_" />
<vlc id="if" param1="file.type value 'directory' strcmp 0 =" />
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