Commit 6f1f23fb authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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V4L2: set correct value for v4l2-standard and never overflow

parent 79a78505
......@@ -712,8 +712,7 @@ static void GetV4L2Params( demux_sys_t *p_sys, vlc_object_t *p_obj )
p_sys->psz_device = var_CreateGetNonEmptyString( p_obj, "v4l2-dev" );
p_sys->i_selected_standard_id =
i_standards_list[var_CreateGetInteger( p_obj, "v4l2-standard" )];
var_CreateGetInteger( p_obj, "v4l2-standard" );
p_sys->i_selected_input = var_CreateGetInteger( p_obj, "v4l2-input" );
p_sys->i_selected_audio_input =
var_CreateGetInteger( p_obj, "v4l2-audio-input" );
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