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Add some news

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......@@ -5,13 +5,17 @@ Changes between 0.8.4a and 0.8.5-svn (not yet released):
Core support:
* Statistics collection (bitrates, packets, connections, ...)
* Support for downloading update
* Initial support for RTSP-over-HTTP (to allow NAT traversal)
* Linux DV (Digital Video - Firewire) input
* Improvements to the Audio CD input
- Separate playlist entries for the tracks
- Support for CDDB
* Support for more DVB (satellite) encryption modules
* Improved subtitles encoding support
* Improved support for playing MP4 files from the Web
* Cook (Real audio) support
......@@ -23,9 +27,16 @@ Audio output:
* New JACK audio output
Video output:
* New video filters: magnify, gradient, edge detection and bluescreen
* New video filters:
- magnify : allows you to zoom on part of the image
- gradient and edge detection : "cartoon-like" effect
- bluescreen : overlay a video transparently on another one
* Logo video filter: can now loop through multiple images
* RSS video filter: display feed images. Support for Atom feeds.
* Improvements to the subtitles rendering
Stream output:
* Initial support for throttling users on VOD streams
* System to inform the user and request information
......@@ -34,13 +45,14 @@ Interfaces:
- ...
* wxWidgets
- VLM (VideoLAN Media Manager) control panel
- Improve the media information panel (show statistics, metadata, ...)
- Drag & Drop support in the playlist
* Skins2
- Support for Winamp 2 skins
- Improved playlist handling
- Support for popup menus, animated bitmaps, equalizer, ...
* OS X
- Embedded Video output
- new Update-Checker
- new Go-To-Specific-Time feature
- support for processing multiple items with the wizard in a single run
- option to save selections in the wizard for a session (default enabled)
......@@ -53,7 +65,8 @@ Windows Port:
OS X Port:
* Mac-Intel compatibility
* enhanced support of various audio output devices
* Enhanced support of various audio output devices
* Growl "Now playing" support
*Nix port:
* Ability to log to syslog
......@@ -62,6 +75,7 @@ OS X Port:
* New libvlc API (not finished yet)
* Java bindings
* A bit more automatic testing
Changes between 0.8.4 and 0.8.4a:
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