Commit 68d90163 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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contribs: add a52dec library

parent b5d38779
4b26fe9492f218b775fb190b76ecf06edaeb656adfe6dcbd24d0a0f86871c3ba917edb88a398eb12dccedaa1605b6f0a0be06b09f9fddd9a46e457b7dd244848 a52dec-0.7.4.tar.gz
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# liba52
A52DEC_VERSION := 0.7.4
PKGS += a52
.sum-a52: $(TARBALLS)/a52dec-$(A52DEC_VERSION).tar.gz
touch $@
a52dec: $(TARBALLS)/a52dec-$(A52DEC_VERSION).tar.gz .sum-a52
ifndef HAVE_FPU
(cd $@-$(A52DEC_VERSION) && patch -p0) < $(SRC)/a52/liba52-fixed.diff
mv $@-$(A52DEC_VERSION) $@
touch $@
.a52: a52dec
ifdef HAVE_WIN64
cd $< && autoreconf -fi
cd $< && $(HOSTVARS) ./configure $(HOSTCONF)
cd $</liba52 && $(MAKE) install
cd $</include && $(MAKE) install
touch $@
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