Commit 688f5db3 authored by David Fuhrmann's avatar David Fuhrmann
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auhal: ignore invalid default audio device changes (fixes #9374)

parent ae871faa
......@@ -1565,9 +1565,32 @@ static OSStatus DefaultDeviceChangedListener(AudioObjectID inObjectID, UInt32 i
return -1;
if (!p_aout->sys->b_selected_dev_is_default)
return 0;
return noErr;
AudioObjectID defaultDeviceID = 0;
UInt32 propertySize = sizeof(AudioObjectID);
AudioObjectPropertyAddress defaultDeviceAddress = { kAudioHardwarePropertyDefaultOutputDevice, kAudioDevicePropertyScopeOutput, kAudioObjectPropertyElementMaster };
propertySize = sizeof(AudioObjectID);
OSStatus err = AudioObjectGetPropertyData(kAudioObjectSystemObject, &defaultDeviceAddress, 0, NULL, &propertySize, &defaultDeviceID);
if (err != noErr) {
msg_Err(p_aout, "could not get default audio device [%4.4s]", (char *)&err);
return -1;
msg_Dbg(p_aout, "default device changed to %i", defaultDeviceID);
* The default device id changes to 0 when switching to SPDIF for whatever reason.
* We need to ignore that.
if(defaultDeviceID == 0)
return noErr;
/* Also ignore events which announce the same device id */
if(defaultDeviceID == p_aout->sys->i_selected_dev)
return noErr;
msg_Dbg(p_aout, "default device changed, resetting aout");
msg_Dbg(p_aout, "default device actually changed, resetting aout");
aout_RestartRequest(p_aout, AOUT_RESTART_OUTPUT);
return noErr;
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