Commit 66bab23e authored by David's avatar David

macosx: Allow to open https URLs, do not list VLC as a browser

This allows to drop https URLs on the VLC icon as well, in addition
to http URLs.

Additionally, this removes VLC again from the list of web browsers
the user can choose in system settings --> general.

close #13672
parent e2f1f6c4
...@@ -1376,10 +1376,13 @@ ...@@ -1376,10 +1376,13 @@
<key>CFBundleURLIconFile</key> <key>CFBundleURLIconFile</key>
<string>generic</string> <string>generic</string>
<key>CFBundleURLName</key> <key>CFBundleURLName</key>
<string>http url</string> <string>http(s) url</string>
<key>CFBundleURLSchemes</key> <key>CFBundleURLSchemes</key>
<array> <array>
<string>http</string> <string>http</string>
</array> </array>
</dict> </dict>
<dict> <dict>
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