Commit 65d1a6dc authored by Felix Paul Kühne's avatar Felix Paul Kühne

macosx: fixed indention of the sidebar icons (refs #5742)

parent d3415155
......@@ -336,8 +336,8 @@ NSString * const PXSLDeleteKeyPressedOnRowsNotification = @"PXSourceListDeleteKe
CGFloat leftIndent = [self levelForRow:row]*[self indentationPerLevel]+DISCLOSURE_TRIANGLE_SPACE;
CGFloat leftIndent = ([self levelForRow:row] -1)*[self indentationPerLevel]+DISCLOSURE_TRIANGLE_SPACE;
//Calculate space left for a badge if need be
CGFloat rightIndent = [self sizeOfBadgeAtRow:row].width+ROW_RIGHT_MARGIN;
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