Commit 65bd21f9 authored by Laurent Aimar's avatar Laurent Aimar
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Fixed potential out of bound reads in DASH probe function.

parent 63fafad4
......@@ -143,13 +143,13 @@ Profile DOMParser::getProfile (dash::xml::Node *node)
bool DOMParser::isDash (stream_t *stream)
const uint8_t *peek;
const char* psz_namespace = "urn:mpeg:mpegB:schema:DASH:MPD:DIS2011";
if(stream_Peek(stream, &peek, 1024) < (int)strlen(psz_namespace))
return false;
const char *p = strstr((const char*)peek, psz_namespace );
const uint8_t *peek;
int peek_size = stream_Peek(stream, &peek, 1024);
if (peek_size < (int)strlen(psz_namespace))
return false;
return p != NULL;
std::string header((const char*)peek, peek_size);
return header.find(psz_namespace) != std::string::npos;
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