Commit 64a03d2c authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont
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boolean cosmetics

parent f7f6282f
...@@ -140,15 +140,15 @@ typedef struct ...@@ -140,15 +140,15 @@ typedef struct
es_format_t fmt; es_format_t fmt;
es_out_id_t *p_es; es_out_id_t *p_es;
bool b_muxed; bool b_muxed;
bool b_quicktime; bool b_quicktime;
bool b_asf; bool b_asf;
stream_t *p_out_muxed; /* for muxed stream */ stream_t *p_out_muxed; /* for muxed stream */
uint8_t *p_buffer; uint8_t *p_buffer;
unsigned int i_buffer; unsigned int i_buffer;
bool b_rtcp_sync; bool b_rtcp_sync;
char waiting; char waiting;
int64_t i_pts; int64_t i_pts;
u_int32_t i_start_seq; u_int32_t i_start_seq;
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