Commit 61af3cf9 authored by Laurent Aimar's avatar Laurent Aimar
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Simplified mouse handling in transform filter.

parent cd3b9892
......@@ -163,19 +163,12 @@ static picture_t *Filter(filter_t *filter, picture_t *src)
static int Mouse(filter_t *filter, vlc_mouse_t *mouse,
const vlc_mouse_t *mold, const vlc_mouse_t *mnew)
const video_format_t *fmt = &filter->;
const video_format_t *fmt = &filter->;
const transform_description_t *dsc = filter->p_sys->dsc;
*mouse = *mnew;
int w, h;
if (dsc->is_rotated) {
w = fmt->i_visible_height;
h = fmt->i_visible_width;
} else {
w = fmt->i_visible_width;
h = fmt->i_visible_height;
dsc->convert(&mouse->i_x, &mouse->i_y, w, h, mouse->i_x, mouse->i_y);
dsc->convert(&mouse->i_x, &mouse->i_y,
fmt->i_visible_width, fmt->i_visible_height, mouse->i_x, mouse->i_y);
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