Commit 61053dc0 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Always use the SIGPIPE hack even if not needed, it cannot hurt

parent ea7d9bab
......@@ -54,11 +54,12 @@ extern char *FromLocale (const char *);
int main( int i_argc, const char *ppsz_argv[] )
#ifdef __APPLE__
/* The so-called POSIX-compliant MacOS X is not.
* SIGPIPE fires even when it is blocked in all threads! */
/* The so-called POSIX-compliant MacOS X reportedly processes SIGPIPE even
* if it is blocked in all thread. Also some libraries want SIGPIPE blocked
* as they have no clue about signal masks.
* Note: this is NOT an excuse for not protecting against SIGPIPE. If
* LibVLC runs outside of VLC, we cannot rely on this code snippet. */
signal (SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN);
if (geteuid () == 0)
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