Commit 5f94d9ca authored by Damien Fouilleul's avatar Damien Fouilleul

vlc: don't forget vlc-config --libs vlc when linking executable

parent dd28e328
......@@ -249,7 +249,7 @@ nodist_EXTRA_vlc_SOURCES = extras/zsh.cpp src/misc/darwin_specific.m
vlc_DEPENDENCIES = $(LIBVLC) $(DATA_win32_rc)
vlc_LDADD = $(DATA_win32_rc) $(LIBVLC) $(LTLIBINTL)
vlc_LDFLAGS = `$(VLC_CONFIG) --libs vlc`
vlc_LDFLAGS += `$(VLC_CONFIG) --target plugin | sed -e 's/\_plugin / /g'`
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