Commit 5f676c10 authored by ipkiss's avatar ipkiss
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* skins2/utils/var_text.cpp: avoid an infinite loop when $H is specified in

   a help string
parent 98b1b9be
......@@ -61,7 +61,10 @@ const UString VarText::get() const
// $V for volume)
UString temp( m_text );
while( (pos = temp.find( "$H" )) != UString::npos )
// $H is processed first, in case the help string contains other variables
// to replace. And it is replaced only once, in case one of these other
// variables is $H...
if( (pos = temp.find( "$H" )) != UString::npos )
VarManager *pVarManager = VarManager::instance( getIntf() );
// We use .getRaw() to avoid replacing the $H recursively!
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